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The Bay Areas e.V.

The aim of The Bay Areas e.V. is to connect people and organizations in the San Francisco, Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein regions. The development of new partnerships and contacts is to be promoted by the association and existing partnerships and contacts are to be enriched and made accessible to other association members.

The exchange covers such diverse topics as culture, science, business, education, politics and sport. This is why people from very different areas are involved in the association, such as universities, schools, sailing, the digital economy, alternative energies, industry, business development, technology, services and politics. Contact persons in San Francisco and Schleswig-Holstein are responsible for the individual subject areas in order to create a strong network that connects the regions in the long term.

In the USA is our sister organization SAN FRANCISCO-KIEL SISTER CITY COMMITTEEwith which we work closely to organize transatlantic events and exchanges.
Our sister organization is a non-profit organization of volunteers in San Francisco.

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"The city of Kiel, the state of Schleswig-Holstein, many institutions, companies and private individuals have already been involved in the run-up to the founding of the association, everyone is pulling in the same direction."


Axel Schulz

1st Chairman

"Sharing knowledge, joint projects, learning from each other; that is what has characterized this initiative in a special way from the very beginning."


Frank Bösenkötter

2nd Chairman

"With the San Francisco Kiel Sister City Committee, we have a strong partner in the San Francisco Bay Area that has shared the common idea of the transatlantic connection with us from the very beginning."


Gerrit Müller-Rüster

Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Asmussen

Co-opted board member

"I am your contact for questions about the association or membership!"


Anna Dornberger


Beatrix Richter

Communications Manager

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