Book reading at the SF Public Library

Reading her own children's book in English at the San Francisco Public Library was something very special for our member Sabine Ebel-Urbanyi and the impetus for new plans. For us, it is a great example of the vibrant The Bay Areas network and the diverse exchange between Kiel and San Francisco.

"In April, I was able to fly to San Francisco with the swimmers of the Lighthouse Swim and had the opportunity to read my marine conservation story "Dümpel bei den Glitzerfischen" at the San Francisco Public Library and the German International School of Silicon Valley.

I wrote the children's book back in 2014 and designed it with children in a daycare center. The story of the little fish tells of the sea and its inhabitants, who suffer from man-made pollution. I presented the manuscript to the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel and was encouraged to publish it. Soon afterwards, a musician and rhythm teacher friend of mine gave me the idea of designing a project for children. We have been working with this concept in schools and daycare centers for eight years now and it has proven to be a sustainable and fun environmental education project.

Through my love of the sea and a recommendation from the Geomar press officer, I got in touch with The Bay Areas in 2022. I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities and my meeting with Anna Dornberger and Dirk Lonnemann from The Bay Areas made me explore new avenues once again. We hit it off straight away and I was able to get both of them enthusiastic about my book immediately.

At the Lighthouse Swim 2022 in Kiel, I presented the book at a campaign stand and designed bags with those who wanted to stay dry instead of swimming. All under the motto "we love the sea". It has really become a matter close to my heart to get involved with the ocean, to network with others and to move in a somewhat different "network of spirits" that is open and flexible in all directions. And now I have not only been able to connect with wonderful people in Kiel, but also overseas.

I met a lot of special people in San Francisco and made new friends. I am excited to see what will develop from this. I had no idea how effective and enriching twinning can be. A new journey can begin for Dümpel and with it his message to protect these unique oceans that are so important to us."

A big thank you also goes to Renata Kiefer and Lynn Siekmann from the San Francisco Sister City Committee, Michael Lambert from the San Francisco Public Library and to the City of Kiel


Reading at the German International School of Silicon Valley (top left), Reading at the San Francisco Public Library - Uwe Wanger (Kiel Marketing), author Sabine Ebel-Urbanyi, Renata Kiefer (SFKSCC) and Michael Lambert (SFPL)(top right)

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