Transatlantic partnerships

What was and is the significance of town twinning and international cooperation at city level?

We discussed this with Kiel's Lord Mayor Dr. Ulf Kämpfer and the members of the Transatlantic Student Initiative.

International networking is becoming increasingly important for Kiel's development, also strategically, explains Ulf Kämpfer. Climate protection and mobility, the participation of people or the reception and integration of refugees are becoming increasingly important issues worldwide. Through international exchange, everyone can learn from each other and launch joint projects.</span>

Strong civic engagement and personal contacts fill town twinning with life and make internationality a tangible experience for citizens.

Both levels can complement each other well. For us, the good cooperation with the two city administrations and offices is an important building block for connecting the people of the two Bay Areas on various topics. And we are delighted that we have already been able to get numerous projects off the ground together since 2017.

Group photo: City of Kiel

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